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Guest Writings

Are We There Yet?
By Vicki Brown

Every year it starts at 6:00 am,
Wake up,
Pack the cooler,
Load the car,
Wake up the boys
and get on the road.

I patiently wait out the 6 hours
Watching movies,
Listening to music,
Only to be interrupted by one of my dad’s many jokes,
They’re not very good jokes.
Stopping to get food and walk the dogs,
Trapped in a confined space with my 3 favorite people.
Are we there yet?

Pulling into town,
Old buildings,
Kind people,
Northwoods air,
Driving down the dirt road to the massive lodge,
Past the stables where my best friends for the week await.
Are we there yet?

Getting the keys from the kind employees,
Dressed in their green shirts,
Treating you like long lost friends.
Sitting in his corner behind the desk,
The old golden retriever,
Watching all the people pass,
Almost everyone knows his name.
Are we there yet?
Not quite.

#22, Cardinal
The old screen door open,
And with a thud, BANG!
Three bedrooms,
I declared mine long ago,
The one in the back with three beds and four windows.
Birds singing to wake me up,
Crickets lulling me to sleep,
Move all my clothes in,
As I await my families arrival,
Boredom strikes,
I take one of the dogs and race down to the pier,
Old but sturdy,
Watching as the sun starts to disappear on the lake,
The few boats on the water pass,
The water calms,
Like glass waiting to be broken, shattered,
May favorite place,
I’ve been waiting all year for this one moment,
I’m finally home