Imagine the breathtaking beauty of Northwoods charm as the perfect backdrop to your ceremony. With 1,000 acres total including wooded and lake front property, we are certain to find your ideal location. At Holiday Acres, we know that you want your wedding to be a reflection of your unique style, which is why we offer a variety of venues year round to make your day spectacular.

Ceremony Venues

Forest Wedding

Picture the towering pines of the woods lining the sides of the ceremony, the soft rustle of the leaves creating a soothing ambiance as your guests turn to face the approaching bride, and the tranquil aroma of the surrounding forest path.

Rustic Wedding

Over 60 years of family history has set the scene for the serene atmosphere of Holiday Acres. Embrace history and family with a ceremony along the rustic wooden exterior of any of our beautiful buildings. Enjoy the cozy feel of a cottage or the natural feel of the barn or shed.

Meadow Wedding

Idyllic for fall colors and large groups, a meadow wedding provides plenty of space with the comfort of soft green grass and a beautiful border of trees. In the fall, the colors of the trees are the only decoration you need to create a spectacular setting.

Lake Wedding

Listen to the gentle waves on the lake, feel the soft beach sand under your feet, and relish in the scenic view surrounding dazzling Lake Thompson with a lake side ceremony or a ceremony right on the beach dock.

Three Coins Wedding

Have a cozy indoor ceremony in the beautiful Three Coins Dining Room. The stunning wood beams, rustic chandeliers, and large windows create a dramatic wedding glow. Enjoy the intimacy of an indoor wedding with the remarkable view of the lawn leading to the forest. A gorgeous setting for a winter wedding.

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